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Menu Planning, Label Reading, & Grocery Tours

Customized Menu Planning

Make smart choices and achieve your goals faster with assistance from The Nutrition Wellness Medic. We will help you create specific menus that are designed to your needs and goals. Menus can be customized for:

• Weight Loss • Gluten-Free Diets • Digestive Health • Diabetes • Athletic Performance

Label Reading & Grocery Tours

Learn how to shop for groceries in Maple Ridge, British Columbia, that will provide the best nutritional punch for your diet. This service will help you become a savvy label reader and teach you how to use label information to select foods lower in sodium, saturated fats, trans fats, and calories. You will also learn what "gluten free" means and your available options.

Media Resources

Watch these helpful videos from Vince Ziccarelli and our team. Here we speak on menu planning, healthy food options, and how to maintain an active social life that includes your new nutrition choices.

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