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Client Feedback

"I have been suffering with PCOS, and pancreatitis and have been having major challenges with losing weight. I've tried many diets and have seen other professionals with limited success. After seeing Vince, things have been going well. He was correct in that my portion sizing was off and I was eating too much affecting my weight and blood glucose. I also figured out I wasn't cooking oatmeal correctly, hence eating too much of that. It's much better now ... lol. Between Vince's nutrition and supplement guidelines and the exchange guidelines for diabetics, I've lost 32 pounds, and down 15% body fat. My ACI is 5.0, meaning my blood sugars are normal, I'm only on 1 metformin and I feel fantastic. I'm running 5k 3'xs a week, doing yoga, and weights as well. Anyways, thank you Vince for your support."
— G.R.. - November 4, 2015

"For years I was suffering with chronic bouts of IBS, irregular bowel movements, bloating, and poor energy. After consulting with Vince and following the customized nutrition program, I finally have overcome my digestive woes, the bloat is 90% gone, my bowels are regular, my energy is better, and I feel great. The side benefit is that I had lost weight as well."
— K.T. - October 19, 2015

"Thank you Vince, I didn't have a chance to say how much I enjoyed the Natural Health Products workshop for dietitians. Your information was good, and I will utilize it. It was a good presentation."
— Donna M. F., Phd. RD - October 18, 2014

"Recently I had an opportunity to attend Vince Ziccarelli's seminar on the effects of balanced nutrition in our later years. I was pleasantly surprised with how entertaining and informative the seminar was. The seminar taught me that balance is key to a healthy lifestyle now and later in our lives. Of course, it seems we've heard this before; however, with impressionable images and an encouragingly positive message, I walked away from this seminar with increased verve and dedication to improve and enjoy my life NOW.

I've attended many nutritional seminars and came away feeling deflated because the message given was often dictatorial and discouraging. Since I have an emotional connection to food, dieting is not an option for me. However, Vince's seminar has taught me how to incorporate my favourite "sinful" foods into a healthy nutrition plan which has enabled me to feel hopeful rather than hopeless."
— Mandy R. - August 18, 2011

"I've suffered with chronic immune problems whereby I would get colds and flu's very often. After years of struggling, I saw Vince and he put me on a sensible nutrition and supplement program to build my immune system and now I have been feeling much better. I rarely get sick as my immune system is much stronger."
— E. Z. - February 1, 2011

"Thank you so much for coming out and providing us with your workshops for our students! Much appreciated."
— Justice Institute of British Columbia Student Services - September 1, 2010

"Back when I was in elementary school, gastro specialists regularly made a diagnosis of chronic gastritis and cholecystitis but their recommendations did not solve the problem. A few years ago, I realized that I have IBS but still was not able to reduce the symptoms. I decided to give it one more chance and see a dietitian. It was one of the wisest decisions I ever made. No other specialists but Vince Ziccarelli took time and helped me to discover (finally, in my 30s!) that I'm also lactose intolerant. After I revised my diet and started taking regularly supplements, as recommended by Vince, my digestive health has now improved by 90%!! Thank you, Vince, for improving the quality of my life."
— Ellina - November 31, 2009

"When I first started to come to see Vince Ziccarelli for nutrition counselling, I knew I had a lot of work to do to obtain the nutrition and fitness goals that I had set for myself, however, Vince created a step-by-step program with me that had manageable chunks that I could soon recognize progress through. It gave me the motivation to continue and before I knew it, I was well on my way to achieving my nutrition and fitness goals. Vince is a very committed, professional nutritionist...he delivers no gimmicks or outrageous diets, just a practical approach to eating and living well.
Thank you, Vince, for all of your help."
— Dena - June 18, 2009

"Pillars to Nutritional Wellness was an excellent seminar to increase health awareness You were able to "pack a lot of punch" into the short sessions we had scheduled and I received very positive feedback from coworkers. We hope to hold another of your wellness sessions later in the year.
Thanks once again."
— S. S., Health/Safety & Training Coordinator at Sultzer Pumps Inc. Canada - September 4, 2008

"I have dealt with the effects of irritable bowel syndrome for over 10 years even to the point in this past year where it was effecting every area of my life. Over the past four months Vince has worked closely with me and literally changed my life. My symptoms are nearly 100% better! His knowledge is extensive and his support and encouragement is unparalleled. From suggestions on where to buy speciality items or how to dine out while dealing with food intolerances, to regular email check ups, to natural remedies, Vince has gone above and beyond. Making changes to one's diet is not easy, however, with support like this I don't think anyone can fail!"
— A.M., Former IBS Sufferer - July 10, 2008

"Dear Vince; Thank you so much for your very enlightening talk on all the vitamins, minerals and wholesome diets."
— B. Peritz - Beth T., Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutrition for Seniors Workshop Presented at the Seniors Association in Richmond, British Columbia - November 2005

"Vince, it was a very timely & inspirational presentation - was worthwhile & informative .Thank you."
— Jack, Healthy Eating, Optimal Nutrition, and Active Living Seminar Presented at the Adult Continuing Education Centre in Surrey British Columbia - December 2005

"Vince ... that was a very, very informative topic. I learned a lot. So thank you very much for your time."
— Joy

"Thanks, Vince for visiting our class. Your knowledge was impressive and you clearly practice what you preach!"
— Cindy R., Facilitator.

"Vince! Thank you very much for your useful information and for your time."
— Alla

"Dear Vince Ziccarelli, I wanted to let you know that the staff at BC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd. Enjoyed listening to your presentation "Optimizing Health and Nutrition for a Healthy and Well Being" over the lunch hour Monday March 20, 2006. You are an excellent speaker. You fielded questions with ease and brought humour into the presentation. You are very knowledgeable about how diet can affect many medical conditions. Your recommendation of keeping a diary and comparing it to the Canada's Food Guide is one I will attempt. I've received many positive comments from the 40 people that joined us. It was a pleasure working with you to organize this event. We would like to invite you to return and educate us on the other areas. Unfortunately we ran out of time to hear all your information. Thank you for your educational lecture on nutrition."
— Debbie M., BC Biomedical Laboratories Ltd. - March 22, 2006

"Dear Vince, Thank you for presenting your information on antioxidants and herbs. You gave us "food for thought."
— Elder Health Team - December 18, 2002