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Nutrition Assessments & Consultation

Initial INtegrative Nutrition Therapy Assessment

Each client is assessed individually, and customized plans are determined based on their unique biochemistry, nutritional, and medical profile. Follow-up consultations are essential for evaluating your progress. We will also troubleshoot issues to overcome any unforeseen obstacles, modify your program, and offer continued support to ensure compliance and progress towards your goals.


Improve Your Diet with Nutrition Behavior Modification Counseling

If you are having trouble with emotional eating behaviors that are affecting your health goals, The Nutrition Wellness Medic in greater Vancouver area, British Columbia, is here for you. We will customize a unique behavior modification program to help you identify and overcome the triggers that are negatively affecting your eating patterns.

This will transform your triggers in a positive way and support healthier eating manners so that you can finally get to the root of your unhealthy eating and ultimately achieve long-lasting results. This unique form of therapy is called intuitive eating. You will learn to make peace with your eating, identify emotional eating triggers, and free yourself from obsessive dieting.

One-on-One Nutrition Supplement Consultation

Health supplements are growing in popularity, but you might be questioning which ones to use. With the years of experience working with numerous clients and their natural health supplements and training in alternative medicine, we can help you find what products are the best, safest, and most effective for you and your goals.

Although supplements can be very helpful for wellness, they can interact with medications becoming potentially harmful. They also might have side effects that you are unaware of, or they may not offer any benefits at all. With our assistance, you will gain assurance, peace of mind, and save money with the products you select.

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