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Nutrition Genetic Testing

Reach Your Goals Quicker with Nutrition Genetic Testing

Did you know that discovering the secret of the best diet for you is in your DNA? Now you can eat according to your genes! Finally lose weight with a diet plan that's completely personalized with help from The Nutrition Wellness Medic in greater Vancouver area with offices in Port Moody, Coquitlam, and Maple Ridge, British Columbia.

When it comes to our nutritional needs, we are all different. This is especially true when it comes to our metabolism. Many of us have a metabolism that slows down depending on whether we can absorb carbohydrates or dietary fats well, making it difficult to lose weight. Emerging research clearly shows that our genes significantly influence how nutrition affects our metabolic rate and health.

When creating a diet that's customized to be in line with your DNA, we take great consideration of what is best for speeding up your metabolism. Leading research in the field of nutritional genetics has taken the idea of personalized diets to an all new level.

Proven Health Tests

Nutrigenomix has developed a highly accurate, safe, and noninvasive test that will identify what foods are ideal for your genes. Based on panels of select genetic examinations, you will learn what level of carbohydrates and fats are best for your metabolism so you can more efficiently lose weight. You will also learn what type of exercise and how much is optimal for your genetics to support weight loss. The test also will explain whether or not your ability to burn calories are normal or sub-optimal, helping to establish a calorie controlled diet that will better support your weight loss goals.  

Genetic tests are also available to show you how much caffeine, omega-3 fats, sodium, and dietary folates are ideal for you for customized health prevention. You will elevate your nutrition to the next level by understanding what foods are most important for your genetic blueprint.

After you receive your nutrition genetic test results the nutrition wellness medic will discuss the relevance with you, and help to develop your customized nutrition plan; while providing guideance and professional support for practical strategies to incorporate the dietary recommendations properly into your daily eating.  


Eat According To Your Genes