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Nutrition Imbalance Analysis & Food Reaction Testing

Sound Nutrition Imbalance Analysis Tests

Done by the professionals at The Nutrition Wellness Medic in greater Vancouver area, British Columbia, our assessments all deal with helping you become a healthier person. This particular test involves a highly specific series of symptom questions that helps detect nutritional imbalances affecting your overall state of wellness. It has even been shown to be very effective at identifying and correcting nutritional inadequacies.

Different Fruits

Personalize Your Diet with Help from Food Reaction Testing

With this test, we will learn what foods may be causing you to feel unwell. Using an innovative, noninvasive food reaction testing device, you will pinpoint many foods that are potentially causing unfavorable reactions. Once identified, a systematic elimination diet will be designed for you to help avoid these food reactions while receiving a balanced diet that will agree with your system. This can help relieve numerous conditions:

• Bloating
• Indigestion
• Water Retention
• Mental Fog
• Depression
• Hormonal Imbalances
• Difficulty Losing Weight
• Poor Energy Levels