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Frequently Asked Questions About Nutritional Wellness

Q. Are the Services of The Nutrition Wellness Medic Covered by Medical Plans?
A. Services may be covered in full or in part by your extended health benefits plan. If you do not have 3rd-party coverage, keep your receipts and put them towards your yearly medical expense tax credit. If you are self employed or a business owner (incorporated), you can claim these nutrition services as a 100% business expense, call and ask how. 

Q. How Do the Services of The Nutrition Wellness Medic Differ from Other Natural Health Practitioners or Nutritionists?
A. Vince Ziccarelli combines the best of both conventional nutritional therapies with evidence-based natural health solutions. Simply put, Vince offers individualized programs that get the best results.

Q. What Does Evidence-Based Mean?
A. Evidence-based means that extensive scientific evidence supports the effectiveness of the programs or natural health products.

Q. What Are Vince's Credentials?
A. Vince has his Master of Science in Nutrition, is a registered dietitian, and a Fellow of the International College of Nutrition. He is also a leading researcher in the sensible use of natural health products and modalities. His level of expertise allows the best quality in services.

Q. Why Choose Vince as Your Natural Health or Nutritional Consultant?
A. Vince provides comprehensive, in-depth assessments with each of his clients. The natural health assessment involves one hour of extensive health history. This will help establish the ideal personalized natural health plan for you. He then follows up with his clients and modifies plans to provide the best results. Vince often states, "the most rewarding part of my job is coaching clients to realize their fullest health potentials."

Q. Will I Have to Take a Handful of Nutritional Supplements That Are Costly?
A. Vince's integrative nutrition programs are based on nutrition as the foundation. Appropriate, evidence-based nutritional and natural health products will be recommended. Vince will help you to identify the most outstanding natural health products that will provide you with the best results while keeping the cost and number of supplements you take to a minimum.

Q. Can I Consult with Vince Over the Phone or Email?
A. Vince has consulted for many years in the area of integrative nutrition and natural health and has experience with both email and telephone consultations. He can be contacted by phone, email, or in person.