Cold season is coming so time to stock up your medicine cabinet with some all time natural medicine favorites. Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that you have some natural medicines that support your bodies immunity to send the bugs packing.

Fortunately, there...

Holiday season and all the cookies, sweets, egg nog, and overeating often triggers indigestion and heartburn symptoms for many of us. Heartburn causes much pain and discomfort and when it becomes chronic it can potentially affect the subjective quality of life more tha...

 IBS is a common condition known as irritable bowel syndrome which is increasingly affecting more people throughout North America. Most people know someone that suffers with its many digestive woes. 

IBS is associated with many irritating symptoms ranging from fluc...

 During the winter months many clients come to see me for strategies to help them cope better with the seasonal blues. They start feeling down, less motivated, and on many occasions a little depressed. 

Many of us start feeling this shift, especially since we...

Omega 3 fats, also known as fish fats, or EPA/DHA, are extremely healthy for our wellness. Most all health practitioners, from family doctors to naturopaths all pontificate for people to include more of these healthy fats in their diet. 

Holiday season is no exception t...

As the holidays approach so does the stress of getting all in order. Project deadlines at work are pending, getting the house in order for the festivities become a reality, and finding those special gifts for those that you love become an often daunting task.

Stress sta...

The holidays are approaching and it is only inevitable that more festive foods will be coming our way, and with this the calories start to build up, which for many of us equates to weight gain. 

I always like to rev up my physical activity to help offset the extra calor...

If you have been feeling not that great for a while and your doctor is having a hard time figuring out the cause then there is a chance that there might be an element of food reaction going on. Food reactions are not a novel concept, even Hippocrates the father of mode...

It's that time of the year again, the holiday season is approaching with all the great cheer of the season. The flu bug is also in the air and so colds and fevers are all to ready and willing to join the festivities.  

During these times it's a good idea to give yo...

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