Advanced Sports Nutrition for the Fitness Professional

Learn from leading Integrative Nutritionist, doctor of natural medicine and naturopath Dr. Vince Ziccarelli PhD. MSc. ND RD, the latest evidence in nutrition for athletic performance. This comprehensive nutrition workshop has been well received by many fitness professionals, as it relates to their profession and provides practical information they can apply to their profession and to their own lives.
Fitness professionals will learn about the foundation of a nutrition plan for athletes, what meals to eat before, during and after competing; how to properly hydrate before, during and after activity; how to lose weight safely and effectively while supporting your performance; when to take supplements and what supplements work for sport; and how to trouble shoot with your nutrition during a tight and rigorous exercise schedule. Much of this information can be applied to those individuals exercising for health to athletes competing at the elite levels. 
Upon completion of the workshop Fitness professionals will leave with a professional certificate of completion in Advanced Sports Nutrition, worth 8 education credits.  Call or email to register or to learn more about this educational event. Ph. 506-939-0976; or vez@telus.net.      
Ongoing seminars offered contact the Nutrition For Wellness to learn details.
Cost: $150.00 (accepting cash, cheque or credit card)

Detox for Your Healthiest Weight Loss

Dr. Vince Ziccarelli PhD. MSc. RD ND, presents on simple and practical lifestyle, and nutrition strategies to support overall body detoxification. You will learn evidence based natural health solutions to revitalize your health and enhance your metabolism so you may reach your healthiest weight. The presentation will be offered Virtually Monday August 9th,  2021 at 7:30 pm, 1.5 hour duration. The fee is 25$ to participate, register in advance as space is limited, just send email with interest to vez@telus.net, before August 9th. 

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