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Holiday Spirits for Wellness

Cocktails and spirits are likely a given for many of us during the holidays. To keep things in perspective the key is to drink wisely and in moderation. Also, certain spirits may offer some wellness benefits beyond the social aspects.

For instance, the Angustura bitters contain many botanical extracts, including extracts of gentian and orange peel. Gentian and orange peel are well known for there digestive properties. Gentian is considered an invaluable bitter recognized by many European compendiums for its therapeutic potentials.

Bitters like gentian are beneficial for stimulating appetite, for IBS, for alleviating intestinal gas, and for heartburn. In fact, the Angustura bitters were originally used to help with common digestive ailments and was considered a sort of whole body tonic.

Orange peel is also a bitter, helpful for appetite, and digestion. It contains many citrus nutrients including d-limonene, which has been shown to clinically promote proper peristalsis, and regulate stomach acidity. So many people are taking this natural ingredient to help them with GERD, or chronic heartburn.

So needless to say, when using Angustura bitters in martinis it may be a smart way for helping with digesting all the extra food and sweets during the season. Other spirits with recognized wellness benefits include the Italian favorite called Campari.

Campari is an aperatif, that you drink before meals to help wake the palate and stimulate the digestive system for easier eating. The Italians use these types of liqueur for the social aspects, palatability enhancement, and the digestive support. Campari is a brilliant dark red colour, made of infused herbs and fruits with bitter characteristics.

Its great on the rocks, or mixed with some orange juice, water, and ice. There are many other mix combinations that are great tasting with this liqueur, just have a look online at You simply have a small glass before meals to lift your palate and get the digestion prepped for the great food to come.

So during the holidays, choosing bitter spirits can be very enjoyable, tasteful, and help you enjoy your meals all the more. Take it in moderation, and of course be sure not to drink and drive, and you will make the holidays all the merrier.


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