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Healthy Eating: An Apple a Day Goes a Long Way

An apple a day will certainly help keep the doctor a way. Many studies have shown that apples offer a valuable source of antioxidants phytochemicals, flavonoids, soluble fiber, healthy glycemic carbs, vitamins and minerals; which collectively help curb appetite, improve blood sugars, reduce cholesterol and quench free radicals. These effects will go a long way with disease prevention. In fact, many epidemiological studies have shown that the mighty apple is associated with a reduced risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, diabetes, and even asthma. Some studies have also shown that the pectin fibers of this fruit may help alleviate heartburn and GERD. The health protection of this food is best when eaten in its whole state, processed apple products such as the juice are found to provide much less of the apple phytochemicals needed for health. So eat your apples, don't drink them.

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