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Boost Your Metabolism for the Holidays

Yes the holidays are a great time to celebrate and eat, drink and be merry. You can make wise choices when eating and drinking that will help you reach your new year goals with a head start. I love my simple egg nog twist for instance just add a dose of green matcha tea and a dash of cinnamon, your blood sugars be merrier and better balanced while the catechin anitioxidants of the green matcha will rev of your metabolic rate to loose weight. I call this version of egg nog grinch nog. Also, I always recommend to consume more dark chocolate with raw nuts/seeds; better for your blood glucose/insulin response, and your metabolism. The key is to double or tripe the ratio of nuts to the dark chocolate. Last but not least, whatever your enjoy for the holidays, just keep the portions in check, and load up on the tray vegetables, they are volumetric and will help curb your over-indulgences.

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