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Reach Your Beach Body

Spring is around the corner. It's time to think about losing those extra winter month pounds from all the seasonal indulgences, and of course the lack of activity that typically affects most of us during this season. It can be very challenging for us to even start thinking about this. Where do you start, how do you get the best results over the short 2-4 months prior to beach season?

In my many years of nutrition practice I have found that a spring detox helps kickstart your weight loss goals. A very natural and subtle yet effective way to detox simply entails the following steps. Firstly, cut out all the junk, at least limit the junk to no more than a 100 calorie quota daily, and if having junk (or also known as empty calories, sweets, munchies, etc.), opt for healthier more health promoting choices such as dark chocolate.

Cut out all empty calorie beverages, and make water your primary source of fluid. This simple step will likely reduce your intake of calories by 100-500 calories daily. Be sure to also choose coffee or tea options that are limited in calories, limit added sugars and definitely no syrups or creams.

Next step is to keep your portions of carbohydrate rich foods such as whole grains, pastas, rice, potatoes, breads, and buns to a very moderate portion, no more than 1/4-1/3 of your meal. Instead emphasize at least half of your meals of non-starchy vegetables, especially the dark greens. The remaining part of your meal should be from lean sources of protein such as skinless poultry, fish, legumes and or lentils. Tapering your intake of starchy carbs, while increasing your greens and including lean protein will reduce your calorie intake, and favor healthier blood sugars. The side benefit of these changes will include healthy detox with weight loss as a bonus.

When snacking on this detox, include fresh whole fruit that are healthy in glycemic response. In other words, emphasize berries, any type of berry helps with blood sugar regulation. These foods are super charged in antioxidant flavonoids that support metabolism and overall health.

If you follow these simple detox weight loss steps you will be well on your way to that beach body that makes you feel your best during the summer season. Just get started and stay on track, with 3 months of patience you will be well repaid.

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