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Prep Your Metabolism for the Holidays

The holidays are approaching and it is only inevitable that more festive foods will be coming our way, and with this the calories start to build up, which for many of us equates to weight gain.

I always like to rev up my physical activity to help offset the extra calories. So when I go for a walk I may walk for an additional 10-15 minutes daily, and increase my exercise routine from 4 times weekly to 5-6 times weekly.

This helps to boost the energy expenditure, in other words burn more calories throughout the season. The great thing is that these simple changes in my workout routine don't make much of a dent in my schedule so it's easy to do, and comply with.

Also, I try my best to opt for holiday treats that are more nutritious, such as topping up on more fruit platters dipped in yogurt, selecting more berries since they are healthier in glycemic response. In other words keeping your blood sugars in check and supporting metabolic rate.

Other festive smart choices would be to eat dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate for the extra kick of flavonoids, and fibers that are beneficial for cardiovascular health, and curbing appetite.

Last but not least is to exercise portion control, so indulge but keep the portions in perspective, especially the desserts and the sweets. So by all means have some cake, or cookies, but set limits.

Healthy indulgences are a part of a balanced diet, and are the way some of the healthiest cultures in the world maintain wellness and longevity.

So hats off to the holidays, enjoy, be active, keep the portions in check and you will be way ahead of the game when you are ready for the New Year makeover.

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