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Eat More Omega 3's and Lose Weight During the Holidays

Omega 3 fats, also known as fish fats, or EPA/DHA, are extremely healthy for our wellness. Most all health practitioners, from family doctors to naturopaths all pontificate for people to include more of these healthy fats in their diet.

Holiday season is no exception to the rule. You see, the active omega 3 fats, specifically found in fish and seafood, may in fact help with keeping the holiday weight gain to a minimum.

Studies have shown that upping your intake of these healthy guys help to trigger cellular oxidation of fats and reduce adipose tissue, thereby reducing body weight. So regardless of your caloric intake, omega 3's can support a healthier body weight.

So why not take advantage of the omega 3's during the holidays, it's added ammunition to keep the bulge in check.

The best way to achieve this is to include some form of cold water fish such as salmon, cod, or halibut, 3 times weekly. You may also try taking a good quality fish oil supplement to top things up or as an alternate to fish if you dislike it.

I like wild salmon oil capsules, a great source of omega 3 fats and astaxanthin, a rich antioxidant with many benefits. The wild stuff always adds more nutritional punch with its brilliant pink/orange color. Look for a quality brand.

I always advise my clients to use foods for extra support, and enjoy them, just be wise with your choices and you will get extra benefits, especially during the festivities.

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