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Take the "Irritable" out of IBS During the Holidays

IBS is a common condition known as irritable bowel syndrome which is increasingly affecting more people throughout North America. Most people know someone that suffers with its many digestive woes.

IBS is associated with many irritating symptoms ranging from fluctuating bouts of constipation and or diarrhea, bloating, gas, and abdominal pain. Thus the description irritable.

Many of the IBS symptoms are often times aggravated during the holidays, especially given the array of rich meals, sweets, and over eating that occurs.

For those of us not suffering with digestive issues, holiday foods can cause much digestive distress, and for those with IBS the distress may be all the more intensified.

Fortunately, there are some simple strategies that can help you cope better with the irritable symptoms. I always like to start at the basics which entails chewing your food well.

Take time to chew so that more of the enzyme amylase can be released in your mouth to break down the starch in foods. Also the chewing helps to physically grind the food for better digestion. Your stomach does not have teeth so best that you chew your food well.

Be sure to eat when you are relaxed. When your body is relaxed your digestive process works better at all levels. To help this, also keep your portions in check, and don't overeat. If you overeat, especially on the rich foods, symptoms will be much worse.

Drink herbal carminative teas regularly, or at least after your meals to help promote digestion, and quench the gases. Teas such as fennel tea, and German chamomile tea are excellent options. Drink a cup after meals.

Also, don't forget to eat plenty of fruit that you can tolerate. Fruit such as peeled apples, banana, and mandarins can help provide extra soluble fibers that promote regularity and help with better stool consistency.

For an extra kick of support, in terms of supplementation, perhaps its a good idea to consider an IBS specific probiotic such as Align probiotic. Studies show that this probiotic strain can help reduce overall symptoms including bloating, pain and regularity.

Follow these simple steps to help manage the irritable in IBS, and enjoy the holidays with a happier digestion.

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