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Naturally Ease Your Stress for Better Libido

February is the month of love, with many celebrating Valentine's day with more vigor than others. When it comes to enjoying those sensual moments with the one you love, so many factors can influence your mood and abilities to be in the moment.

Ultimately, the added stress of daily life can play a significant toll on your love life. We all know that the more relaxed and the better our mood, the more likely that things will run smoothly when it comes to our libido and intimacy.

So as a practitioner of natural medicine I often encourage my clients to engage in daily strategies to cope better with stress. This includes daily exercise, diaphragmatic breathing, goal setting, self organization, proper rest and taking time for yourself.

Dietary steps that keep your blood sugar levels steady will also help, so eating smaller more frequent meals including healthy glycemic carbs, healthy omega 3 fats, and lean protein sources are also very beneficial for easing stress and anxiety.

One of my favorite natural stress easing remedies is good old Passion Flower. This herbal has been used for centuries as a traditional yet gentle remedy for nervous disorders, anxiety, insomnia, and even libido.

Preliminary well designed clinical studies have shown that taking this botanical is at least as effective as the conventional anti-anxiety medication oxazepam for treating generalized anxiety disorder. The authors of the study pointed out that impairment in job performance was significantly less with the Passion Flower, which is an added benefit.

Other studies are exploring the possibility that Passion Flower and its unique bioflavonoid fractions, help maintain hormone levels, and increase the brain feel good chemical GABA. Collectively supporting better mood, reduced anxiety, and enhanced libido.

Given the traditional and current evidence, I often recommend for people to consider trying Passion Flower, to help take the edge off, ease the stress, and help support a better mood so they are more likely to get in the mood.

Of course when choosing a Passion Flower supplement, opt for a product that provides a meaningful dose, by a reputable company that follows Good Manufacturing Practices. Now Foods is an example of a company with an exceptional track record for quality therapeutic supplements that are tested for safety and effectiveness.

Even though many natural remedies are usually safe to take, be sure that you double check with your health care professional before taking Passion Flower, to prevent an adverse reaction due to medications you may be taking, or a health condition that may be contraindicated. A prime example of when not to take this herb is if you are already taking a sedative medication.

So slow down, ease your stress and you will more likely ease the intimacy for the month of February, or even better throughout the year.

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