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Naturally Soothe Your Tummy

As a natural health practitioner I often see many people for natural and dietary strategies to help them cope better with stomach distress including heartburn, acid indigestion, and even ulcers. So tummy friendly remedies are a big area of interest to say the least.

Firstly your family doctor should be seen to rule out any underlying medical cause. Then if all is fine medically, it is crucial that a person looks at the root cause for their digestive woes. This may be eating too fast, eating too much, eating very rich meals, eating when stressed, and or reacting to some un-identified food intolerance.

So first try to adapt healthier tummy soothing eating habits including, take time to eat your meals, be sure to eat when you are calm, chew your food well, eat smaller meals, don't overeat, keep fatty meals at bay and explore for possible food reactions.

To rule out a potential food reaction try keeping a food symptom diary as a first step. This simple detective work will help you to pinpoint suspect foods that may be causing tummy problems. It may be anything from a wheat reaction, to gluten, to dairy, fatty meals, or even broccoli.

It varies for each person but the detective work will pay off. A registered dietitian specialized with food reactions are great at helping people correctly identify food triggers that may be causing symptoms ranging from heartburn to cramps to bloating.

To help treat symptoms naturally one of my favorite natural remedies for easing stomach acidity, heartburn, or ulcers is good old slippery elm bark powder. Slippery elm tree is native to Eastern North America, and the inner bark of this tree has been used as a traditional medicine for centuries.

The powder is a type of mucilage that provides very soothing effects to mucosal tissues. It is believed to kind of act like a natural Pepto Bismol, coating and protecting the sensitive stomach and esophagus lining from gastric irritants. It is generally very safe to take, and may be taken conveniently as a capsule.

Other natural options include mastic gum, which is another type of tree resin derived from a tree native to the Mediterranean. This resin has been used for hundreds of years to treat liver conditions, oral health, and improve digestion. Recent preliminary studies have shown that it may help to fight off the stomach ulcer inducing bacteria H. Pylori, and improve symptoms of indigestion, upper abdominal pain, and even heartburn.

So when supplementing with natural health products to help you cope better with tummy troubles like heartburn, combination products that contain meaningful doses of slippery elm powder and mastic gum I consider to be at the top of the list for optimal relief.

Ulcetrol by Now Foods is a prime example of a supplement that contains a well thought out combination of these stomach supportive plant extracts. So to further help your digestive woes take before or right after meals and follow the bottles recommended dose level, or that recommended by your natural health practitioner.

Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day as these extracts are rich in fibers and whenever you supplement with extra fiber you need the extra water. Also, the fibers may bind and reduce absorption of some medications so it is best to take them 3 hours away from other medications.

So ease your tummy woes naturally by following these simple dietary and natural health steps and you may be pleasantly surprised with the results. Last but not least, always consult with your doctor to let them know you are exploring natural options so they may monitor your progress, especially if you are suffering with any sort of gastric ulcers. A stomach ulcer is serious and should always be monitored by your doctor.

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